Raya Gauntlett

My Portfolio

These are photographs I took in my photography class in spring semester of 2023.

Love Shouldn't Break You

Black and white image of the back of a blonde haired girl with the sentance love shouldn't breake you in black lipstick on her right shoulder

I chose to do my final project baed on the various acts of violence that individuals face everyday. This is one of the six images I had taken that demonstrates demestic violence.

Glass Tea

Tea in a glass mug sitting on a wooden table on top of a white lace cloth with flowers to the right and a brown window shutter in the background

For one of our assignments in the semester we had to base our image on glass and tea. The way we displayed it was up to the look we were going for. I decided to go for a vintage, farmstyle vibe.


Metal peper shaker sits on a black reflective table with a black background

For a different one of our assignments throughout the semester the main focus was metal. So I chose to go a simple route and just use one metal object but portray it in a cool, mysterical way.

Still Life
A pink flower vase with white feathers in it sits on a wooden table with a green cloth covering half of the table with a white background

For another one of our assignments we had to shoot a still life. Throughout the semester I decided to only use one object and enhance it with how I set it up along iwth the variety of different background I have chose. This image reminds me of my house.