Reflection Question Answers

1. In evaluating my project and my progress in the class so far I would say I am very pleased with the work I have done. In the beginning I struggled with seeing a vision as to how I was going to be able to achieve creating my own website but in looking at what I have already accomplished it is so exciting to see it all coming together. I can finally really visualize how I want my website to look at the end considering all of coding I already know. Some of the things I consider to be a successfull, is coding and then checking the validator and seeing that I have no errors. This proves to myself that even though it can be time consuming, really focusing on learning the techniques and making sure the layout of the code is beneficial and rewarding in the end. In addition, I would wait till the last minute to complete an assignment but I am now trying to start earlier so that I have time to really dive into the coding world. Although these are more of the background successes I believe that these little things will allow me to better achieve and learn. I am feeling pretty confident in myself when it comes to coding and I am excited to learn more to be able to style my website exactly how I want to. I have learned how much taking your time and really pin pointing each steps allows for better success. It is pretty easy to think about what you want to be done but then actually having to put it into code is definetly the challenging part but understanding the code allows for you to be able to accomplish it. Something that I think would be cool if I had the skills to do so would be to include annimations. Annimations in terms of minimalistic enthusiasm that would be brought to my site. Something like when the website is first opened it says something but then a few seconds later it changes to what I have on my website now.

2. In thinking about the aesthetic choces I made in my design persona and then seeing them implemented in my website I am very pleased as to how it turned out and it is looking like how I hoped in terms of the scheme. I really like how calm and minimal my site is with a few subtle pops of color but still keeping all the same vibe. The different tones of colors really work well together along with the different fonts I have chosen. The fonts do a nice job of representing the layout in terms of each section of the page. The font accurretly represents what should be read more detailed. I had to remove the background I had originally wanted and change it to this milky white because you are better able to see the text on the page and I like it better this way. I think it brings more light to the text than a distracting colored background. I might change it to something a little bit darker in the future depending on the different features that get added but I really like the vibe of everything together now. I think that the fonts and colors I have chosen go hand and hand together and fit the energy I was going for when the viewer looks at my page. In addition, the font and the color work together to display different aspects. For example, having my name colored and then right underneath having the belief statement in a more neutral color allows for a nice contrast. To add onto that, my name being in a bold color shows the significance of it and then the belief statement being in a more fun font shows the creativness of it. The font and color of each element draw attention to it in a certain way and it was imporant for me to drive my audience in a certain direction when looking at my page. The color scheme allows for a different variety but still keeping harmony. I would like to add another color to my fonts for a little bit more of a contrast to really differentiate each piece of my website. Maybe a tan color or rosey purplish pink.